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There is also an academy offering tutorials, webinars, and articles to help users identify and trade the price difference. The brokerage offer negative balance protection so you cannot lose more than your account balance. Learn to read Line, Bar and Candlestick charts, and identify Downtrends and Uptrends.

The amount of funds held by a financial entity (or its net value) after all liabilities have been paid. In margin trading, the total amount deposited by an investor from which collateral against a trade is set aside. A standardized measure of financial instruments, which varies by asset class, traded on an exchange. In currency trading, contract size is measured in lots, each lot being the equivalent of 100,000 units of the base currency.

  1. This includes commissions for brokers, banks, agents, search, appraisal and government tariffs, and spreads – the difference between the cost of an instrument and the final price paid by the buyer.
  2. It is possible for you to lose all your invested capital, therefore you should not deposit money that you cannot afford to lose.
  3. The position is automatically closed if it reaches the value determined by the order.
  4. Realized gains and losses can be used in accountancy as an offset tool in calculating taxes owed on income.
  5. So by trading numerous instruments at Alvexo, you also may use powerful tool leverage, which may increase your potential gains through its possibility to multiple initial accounts balance.

You will then need to upload a proof of identification such as a passport or drivers license and a proof of address such as a utility bill no more than 3 months old. This is normal part of the KYC alvexo procedure that online brokers conduct. Once the accounts team have verified your account, you will be able to fund it using any of the convenient deposit methods and you can then commence trading.

A country’s regulator of monetary policy tasked with determining base interest rates and controlling inflation. The central bank is also usually the country’s lender of last resort, preventing the country’s banking system from collapse. Investor behaviour, or a market, may be described as bullish when values are rising over a defined period of time. A bullish belt hold refers to a candlestick pattern that characteristically forms towards the end of a bearish market, signalling entry into a bullish one.

Volatility also fluctuates based on this schedule, with currencies like EUR or USD most active when US and European markets are live. In Forex, this usually refers to when limit or stop loss orders are executed at a worse rate – usually as a result of unexpected news or market volatility. A position that becomes profitable if the market price of an asset falls.

You will find a vast range of built in tools for performing in-depth market analysis. You can customise the platform to be as simple or complex as you need it to be. This makes it a popular choice of platform for both new and experienced traders alike. Alvexo are known for the education that they provide along with their service-oriented focus for all levels of traders. You can utilise a comprehensive selection of daily signals, market analysis, economic news, trading academy, webinars and seminars.

Daily Signals

If you are a beginner, you will find these very helpful to get you started. If you already have some experience then I don’t think you will find anything new here. Whilst Alvexo welcomes clients from across the globe, they are unable to accept traders from the United States and some other countries where there are stringent regulations in place. If your country is not accepted, please feel free to look at our broker reviews for an alternative option. Alvexo have a collection of legal documents readily available for the public to download via their website.


The analyst’s message contains several short, precise instructions regarding which assets to trade during the day, when to open and close positions and other necessary data. Day trading is the practice of opening and closing small positions throughout the live session of any market. Day traders use news, economic reports and political events to forecast the direction of the many assets they believe will be influenced. By making a high volume of short-lived trading moves based on this evidence, day traders close all positions by the end of the day, hoping to end up with a profit. It’s a term that represents the decentralized market for foreign currency trading. Also termed ‘FX’, investors in the forex market trade currency pairs like USDJPY, with the value of the pair determined by the exchange rate between the US Dollar and Japanse Yen, in this case.

I enjoyed browsing through each of the videos but I didn’t actually learn anything new as they only really cover the basics. However, if you are a new trader then they can give you a great way to learn about the markets. There is also a generous selection of trading guides for all levels of trader. I like that they are covering a range of important topics including trading strategies, platforms, market analysis and risk management. I think it is good how each article goes into detail including screenshots for a clearer explanation.

Foreign Exchange (Forex/FX):

The foreign exchange market is global, decentralized and not bound by time constraints. A member of the exchange licensed to trade from the floor, or to access the exchange’s electronic trading system on his/her own behalf. The basic currency transaction is comprised of two currencies involved in a currency change – one being sold, the other being purchased. A currency pair’s value is measured by the base currency (the first one quoted) divided by the quote currency (the second), denoting how much of the latter is valued against a single unit of the former.

Realized Gains & Losses:

I would like to see them support some of the more popular digital wallets like FXTM do. There is also a dispute resolution process that can be used in case you have any dissatisfaction with services, account or activity issues. The customer support team strives to resolve any complaints in a prompt and satisfactory manner, within 1 business day.

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions and Risk Disclosure Statement before making any operation on our trading platform. Any asset that can be traded between two parties, including money, documented proof of ownership or interest, and a bonded agreement to receive or sell an interest. In law, contracts, wills and deeds are also considered instruments. Alvexo is an established and regulated online broker offering 450+ assets to trade on flexible trading platforms with competitive fees. They provide a variety of account types along with a range of trading tools and trading academy. Unlike an investor, who usually maintains possession of the instrument for the long-term, traders usually trade assets or derivatives at a faster rate, entailing higher transaction costs.

Based on my experience, I have found them to be very helpful and would not hesitate to reach out to them in the future. I would also prefer if you could get access to all accounts with the same deposit. Otherwise, I don’t think it is fair that you need deeper pockets for better trading conditions. The limited selection should suffice if you are just looking to trade a few major currency pairs, popular cryptos or stocks of large companies. For those of you who want more choice, IG have over 17,000 instruments.

We do not provide financial advice, offer or make solicitation of any investments. You won’t get charged any deposit or withdrawal fees from the brokers side although some fees may be charged by payment providers when using certain methods. The withdrawal time can vary depending on the payment provider and method. Bank transfers may take a few business days to clear whilst some methods can be instant. I prefer card payments as they usually give me quicker access to trading funds.

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