Umberto Accornero

” My name is Umberto Accornero, and I live and breathe rally driving. Born on May 6, 1998, my passion for rallying was ingrained in me from the very beginning. It runs in my blood; my father was a skilled driver, and my mother served as his co-driver. As a little kid, I would watch them race across Italy in their powerful Mitsubishi Evo, and I was mesmerized. “

10 Years Of Experience As A rally Driver and Rally Instructor

As a rally driver and rally instructor, my experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. The thrill of pushing a car to its limits, navigating challenging terrains, and executing precise maneuvers is unmatched. The adrenaline rush is addictive, and the sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line is indescribable. As a rally instructor, I have the privilege of sharing my passion with others, teaching them the art of rally driving and helping them develop their skills. Seeing my students progress, gain confidence, and master the techniques is incredibly rewarding. Being a rally driver and instructor is a dream come true, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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What I offer as an Instructor

As a rally instructor, I offer a comprehensive and personalized experience for aspiring rally drivers. I provide expert guidance and instruction on various rally techniques, including cornering, braking, and handling different surfaces. I focus on honing driving skills, improving timing, and enhancing overall performance. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training, I ensure that my students understand the intricacies of rally racing and develop the necessary skills to excel on the track. Additionally, I create a supportive and motivating environment, encouraging my students to push their limits and unleash their full potential. With my guidance, students can expect a transformative and rewarding journey towards becoming skilled rally drivers.

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5 Tips from a Rally Driver


The key to any successful rally driving instruction is effective communication. As your instructor, I ensure my guidance is clear, concise, and timely. Simple and immediate language is key as well as adapting myself to the student's level.

Safety First:

I emphasize the importance of safety in all aspects of rally driving. This includes wearing the right gear (helmets, fire-retardant suits, and proper footwear), understanding the vehicle's safety features (roll cage, harnesses, etc.), and following all safety protocols on and off the rally stage. I am an advocate towards the idea that rally driving, despite its thrill-seeking nature, should never compromise on safety.

Understanding the Car:

Each rally car behaves differently due to varying power, weight, suspension, and traction. Before the driver gets behind the wheel, I walk them through the car's specific mechanics. I Ensure that the driver understands how to work the car's clutch, accelerator, and brakes, as well as the impact of weight transfers on handling.

Reading the Road:

I help my students in developing a strong ability to read the terrain and adapt their driving style accordingly. I emphasize how different surfaces (gravel, tarmac, mud, snow) affect the car's handling while teaching them to anticipate obstacles, understand how to approach corners, and how to use visual cues (like nature, surface changes, etc.) to prepare for what's coming next.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

Rally driving is a skill honed over time. I emphasize the importance of regular, focused practice. I Encourage students to try different driving techniques, test their skills on various terrains, and practice under different weather conditions all of this, by providing constant feedback and adjustments, turning their mistakes into learning opportunities.

What People Are Saying About Me

I recently completed a rally driving course with Umberto and I must say, it was a life-changing experience. His knowledge of rally driving and car mechanics is comprehensive and astoundingly detailed.
Philip Watson
"Umberto was a game-changer for my rally driving skills. I appreciated his patience and ability to instill confidence in me, especially on difficult terrains and under varying weather conditions. ."
Emma Roberts
Taking the rally driving course with Umberto Accornero was an absolute delight. His passion for the sport is contagious, and his expertise is undeniable. His instructions were clear, simple, and timely, which made the learning process enjoyable and less daunting.
Olivia Spencer

What is Rally Known as

Rallying, also known as rally racing, is a form of auto racing that takes place on public or private roads with modified production or specially built road-legal cars. This motorsport is distinguished by running not on a circuit, but in a point-to-point format where participants and their co-drivers drive between set control points (stages), leaving at regular intervals from one or more start points.

Rallies may be won by pure speed within the stages or alternatively with a more calculated approach that maximizes performance while minimizing risks.

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Article Published by Umberto Accornero

Mastering the Art of Rally Driving: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, the instructor can discuss the skills and mindset required to excel in rally driving. They could delve into the nuances of various driving techniques, like left-foot braking, handbrake turns, and power slides. Also, they can offer advice on how to adapt to changing weather and road conditions, read the terrain effectively, and manage car dynamics. Finally, the article can highlight the importance of regular practice, mental fortitude, and physical fitness in rally driving.

The Evolution of Rally Cars: A Technical Perspective

This piece would allow the instructor to share their knowledge about rally cars' development over the years. They could provide insight into how changes in rules and regulations have shaped the design and technology of rally cars. They could also discuss the differences between various car models and how they affect driving styles and strategies. The article could include information about current trends in rally car design, with an emphasis on safety features and performance capabilities.

Behind the Scenes of Rally Racing: A Rally Instructor's Perspective

This article would offer a unique glimpse into the world of rally racing from the instructor's viewpoint. The instructor could share their experiences training new drivers, including the challenges they face and the rewards they enjoy. They could also provide personal anecdotes from their time on and off the track, giving readers an intimate look at the realities of the sport. Additionally, they could offer advice to aspiring rally drivers, providing guidance on getting started in the sport, progressing through the ranks, and continually improving their skills.

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